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We offer an array of programs to meet the needs of Beamsville's youth. Our programs are designed for

youth in grades 6-12, and are designed to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 


Our charity is involved in a number of events each year, either as hosts or participants. A number of these events are opportunities to create awareness for the charity, and others are public events that we are privileged to partner with. 



Being a registered charity, we require the support of our community in order to offer our programs to the youth of Beamsville. We invite anyone who sees the value of investing in youth to partners with us financially. 



Convos Youth Zone is a youth centre that provides a safe and engaging environment where youth can explore issues relevant to their whole person under the guidance and mentorship of mature and caring Christian adults.


We believe that every person, especially youth, deserves to know that they are loved, valued, significant and have a purpose. We also believe that every young person should have the opportunity to hear about the life-saving teachings and acts of Jesus Christ.

Convos Youth Zone exists to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all youth who grace our doors. We accomplish this through relationships of trust with caring, Christian staff and volunteers, and programs which are designed to meet the current needs of the youth of Lincoln.


4995 King Street, Box 1153

Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0

Tel: 289-566-9365

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