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The mission of Convos is to invest in the lives of youth and present them with the Person, work, and teachings of Christ.


Convos Youth Zone will be a centre for youth who seek a safe and engaging space, as they explore personal issues of growth or struggle. Convos will support our youth with the expressed purpose of sharing Christ's love and acceptance through our unconditional love. Likewise, we will be intentional about displaying Christ's character by being an organization that operates with integrity. 


Convos was founded in November of 2012, but the genesis of the vision for this organization came many years before. The founders, David and Deborah Dueck, lived, worked, and worshiped in Lincoln and were well aware of the numerous youth who lived in the community who did not have access to extra-curricular activities. The reasons varied widely, but the outcome was often the same – teens roaming around town with nothing productive to do and no safe place to hang out together. This regularly resulted in the use of illegal substances and destructive behaviours. God placed a vision on their hearts to create a drop-in youth centre where teens would feel safe, respected and loved. It would also be a place where Christian morals and principals would be shared, and hope would be encouraged through the help of dedicated Christian volunteers.


Knowing that they would not be able to privately fund this vision long-term, they opened a café/restaurant that would eventually become an income source for the charity as the major sponsor. The café also met another need in the community as there was no place quite like it where people could gather for great conversations, meetings, bible studies and large parties/events.

Over the past two years, not only has the organization achieved the monumental goal of acquiring its charitable status, but the volunteer and staff team has grown, numerous policies and procedures have been developed, strong relationships with local churches have been formed, and the youth program has grown into a more robust and well-rounded one.


Although Convos' story up until now has been one of success and growth, the potential for the next five years supersedes anything that has been done in the first five. There are so many souls of young people in Lincoln that need the life changing story of Jesus shared with them, and Convos Youth Zone is one of the most successful vehicles for sharing that story with them.

Earlier this year, we had the privilege of sitting down with Kimberly Wardell from the "This Is Your City" podcast to discuss Convos, our youth, and our ministry. Check it out! 

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